What is Unblock US About?

Recently a “new” service has been making the news: Unblock US. What purpose does the service offer? We have taken a look.

With the increased interest for watching US TV outside the US a whole eco system of services enabling access from outside the US has spurred. One of these services is Unblock US. Basically Unblock US is a DNS service that fakes the location of the users DNS request. In turn this gives the user access to US websites while abroad.

Here is a review of the Unblock US service, which takes a critical look at using a DNS service, which essentially performs a kind of man in the middle attack. Other users might prefer using a traditional VPN service for the same purpose.

Have You Heard About Hide My Ass

Recently the general consumer has had more focus on online privacy and as such the use of VPN or Virtual Private Networks has risen. The reason is that connecting to a VPN will among other things allow you to remain anonymous while surfing. In recent years we have become more and more concerned with our privacy and consumers are going to great lengths to fight the fight against corporate greed and privacy invasion. Continue reading